Can I transfer my existing funds that are invested in my Landbay Classic Investment Account into the Landbay Innovative Finance ISA?

ISA rules, set out by the Treasury, do not allow direct transfers of existing loan investments into an Innovative Finance ISA. However, Landbay investors will be able to sell their existing loan parts on the secondary market, assuming that there are other investors willing to replace their investment. Once the sale has taken place you can then deposit your money into the Landbay Innovative Finance ISA and invest it. Any money held in cash in your Landbay Classic Account will be able to be transferred into the Landbay Innovative Finance ISA as long as this is within the ISA allowance limit of £20,000 for this tax year.

Please note that if you are transferring into your Landbay Innovative Finance ISA from an existing ISA with a different provider, the transfer must be made via bank transfer; Landbay does not accept cheques. 

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